About Weekenia

Weekenia was established in 2017 and is part of Permata Nusantara Group. The definition of weekenia itself is taken from the word "weekend" or the weekend where identical with refreshing or recreational activities such as vacation and sort of. Thus weekenia is chosen as the name of the company because it has the essence of leisure or recreation that is inherent in everyday life.

As part of the Permata Nusantara Group, which contributes to the promotion of domestic tourism, Weekenia is also engaged in hospitality and pleasure, but more focus to provide international tours and travel. This focus is based on the high demand of our local client to travel across the country, which encourages us to create a subsidiary company that can respond to this high demand.

To achieve our goals, the weekenia will run with an online-based system (which will continue to be improved over time), where you can book a choice of trips overseas either Opentrip (trip to be held on a certain date) or Privatetrip (trip by client request) thereby choosing the type of trip that suits you best. We also strive to provide the latest innovations to deliver a memorable, safe, and comfortable tour.

In response to the competitive market, we continue to uphold the principles and elements of Permata Nusantara Group that "everyone is entitled to have a decent vacation" including holiday abroad. We will keep trying to bring you affordable prices but in otherhand keep maintaining the professional services, so there is no reason anymore about the expensive cost if you want to vacation abroad.

There are always amazing places around the world that you have to see.


    SIUP              : 0692/PK/III/BPMPTSP/2016
    TDP               :
    NPWP              : 74.841.698.9-039.000
    NOTARY           : CARSUANDY, SH

We Serve :
Private Trip dan Open Trip

Payment Method via Transfer :

  • Bank : BCA
  • Account No : 7025 1198 78
  • After you payment, Please do
    SMS Confirmation:
    TYPE :
    [Payment Status]
    [Name & Trip Date]
    [JTotal Participant]
    [Participant Name(s)]
    [Total Payment]
    [Sender Account Number]
    [Account Number's Name]

    Send To : 0821 1488 6969

    Example :
    DP / Paid Off
    Open Trip Bali 23/01/2011
    5 Person
    Friza Ahmad Taufani, Ahmad Tajali, Hendy Raditya, Ade Hery Shopyan, Arif Budi Santoso
    Friza Ahmad Taufani


  • office@weekeniatrip.com
  • Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Sat 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Komplek Ciledug Indah 1 Blok B18 Rt 07 Rw 06 No. 252, Kel. Pedurenan - Kec. Karang Tengah, Kota Tangerang 15157